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Business to Business Publications provide a valuable connections between Buyers and Sellers.  In order to develop and nurture these audiences, ListeNation has worked closely with many of the largest Publishers to create customized programs to fit their needs.

Publishers needs reach beyond the print media space and ListeNation has years of expertise in meeting the needs of Publishers with outstanding results.

Subscription Renewal

ListeNation has worked with numerous Publishers to develop simple, easy to implement low cost outreach programs with proven results in retaining their subscriber base.  Many Publications send out monthly reminders, via ListeNation Calls, to remind those valuable readers about renewing their subscription.  ListeNation can help lower your cost per renewal while saving your Circulation Department hours of valuable time.  Our Voice Broadcast capabilities enable your team to focus on the “hard to reach” subscribers while we reach out to the “low hanging fruit” with a gentle reminder that it is time to renew.

Events: In Person and On-Line

Events are a major revenue generator for many publications.  Conferences, Symposiums and Regional Gatherings provide reach beyond the printed page and enable you readers to connect in-person with their peers.  With the emergence of On-Line and Virtual Events, Publishers are seeking cost affordable methods to engage their audience and bring them into the fold of these events.  With ListeNation’s Voice Broadcast Publishers can touch their subscribers with timely and cost effective invitations to join this community – In Person or On-Line.

Awards Competitions

Many of our Publisher friends host annual Awards Competitions to highlight emerging technologies, applaud achievement or honor industry legends.  ListeNation Calls are a great way to encourage your audience to submit their entries into these competitions.  Once the entries are submitted, ListeNation Calls can help to sell sponsorship packages for the event as well as tables and tickets to the event. sign up form

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