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The unified voice of an Association is a powerful tool fighting daily for the interests of its Members.  On Capitol Hill or in their own backyard, keeping members aware of topics and interests is priority number one for an Association.

ListeNation has helped hundreds of Associations recruit, retain and communicate with members with critical updates and announcements.

Membership Retention

Retaining Members is an on-going challenge for many organizations.  In an effort to simplify this process, ListeNation has developed several unique programs targeted towards Associations.  These programs are designed to help simplify this process.  For example, sending a renewal reminder to your Members’ voicemail is an amazing opportunity for your Association’s President to have a One-to-One contact with each of it’s Members.

Important Industry Related Announcements

Sharing Association success stories is a great way to “Rally the Troops” around a cause.  Recently a client experienced a major victory on Capitol Hill.  This achievement was celebrated by the President of their organization calling members to alert them to this achievement and to drive home the importance of renewing their commitment to the Association.  This message helped assure members that their Association is fighting for their causes.

Grow Your Events

For many Associations, Annual Events are a major source of funding for operations throughout the year.  Maximizing participation from both Attendees and Exhibitors not only increases funding for the organization but also enhances the members’ overall experience.  This is a major incentive to maintain their commitment to the organization.  ListeNation Calls can help attract more attendees and exhibitors creating a more vibrant and profitable event and effective organization.

SMS/Text Reminders

To attract the emerging  new generation of members, Associations are seeking methods to maintain communications beyond traditional email and direct marketing platforms.  Developing effective mobile strategies has become a top priority for many forward-thinking Associations and ListeNation has developed numerous effective programs that accomplish this goal. sign up form

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