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VIP Guest Invites

The VIP Guest Invites program is a powerful way to leverage your exhibitor client lists to find new attendee prospects. Exhibitors send custom coded HTML invite emails to invite customers to your event as their guests. Special incentives, such as discounted registration, can be included and passed to all invitees as an added benefit.

When executing a VIP Guest Invites program an effective strategy is in place to drive exhibitor awareness and participation using our innovative and robust exhibitor outreach tools. ListeNation will then track registration conversions and report them back to you, and if you wish, to your participating exhibitors.

– Exhibitors no longer need to work through a complex email customization process which will result in higher participation rates.

– Exhibitors have the option of downloading a custom coded HTML email to broadcast via their own system. Just think about how many more exhibitors would participate if the list confidentiality issue was not an issue at all?

– Our “Mini-Marketing Campaigns” are designed to drive exhibitor participation through innovative marketing concepts.

– Invite emails are professionally designed to “agency” standards to effectively match your existing assets and communicate the value of attending your event.

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