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SMS, or more commonly known as “text messaging” is a green, technological enhancement to traditional marketing.

Our text messaging service allows our clients to engage and interact with their audience via the recipient’s cell phone or PDA.  Just as our voicemail marketing technology established itself, the text message is now a common marketing tool in today’s business market place.

Let the staff at ListeNation customize a mobile messaging campaign to best suit your needs.

Reach out to your current mobile database or use a text-to-win campaign to build a new customer base.

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SMS/Text Messaging FAQ

What is SMS text messaging?

SMS text messaging or “texting” is a text based message; much like email, that is sent to and from wireless devices. SMS text messages are limited to 160 characters. 

What happens if someone’s cell phone is turned off or out of cellular signal range?

The text message will be delivered once their cell phone is turned on or they return back with-in cellular coverage.

What kind of regulation is there for texting?

Texting is highly regulated in order to avoid the spam situation that has evolved within the email media segment. Since wireless carriers regulate all SMS traffic they require that all text marketing be double opt-in.

What is double opt-in?

Double opt-in means your lead has had to agree twice for you to market to them. Your lead will have a chance to opt-out after they are added to your list. They must respond in the affirmative or they will not be added to your list and you will not be able to market to them. 

Why double opt-in?

Double opt-in is mandated by the FTC & FCC. The benefit of double opt-in leads is that you can continue to market to these leads until they ask you to stop. No other regulation from the FCC or FTC applies.

What is a short code?

A short code is a unique number that identifies a particular Text provider: Basically, a web address for texting. A short code is the number you text to reach a company, much like you text to a phone number to reach an individual.  Like web addresses, short codes are regulated by the government.

What is a key word?

A key word is how a texting company knows which campaign your responding to when you text to a short code. You can pick the keyword that best describes your campaign and something your lead will easily identify with. A key word can be any word or combination of letters and numbers; up to 10 characters.  

What is a text-to-win campaign?

A text-to-win campaign is a text messaging campaign where a lead is inclined to sign up for your opt-in database because a prize or reward is being offered. Leads will text to our short code and your keyword to sign up to win your contest and at the same time, double opt-in for your future marketing campaigns. For example ListeNation ran a text-to-win campaign at TS2. Leads were encouraged to text TS2 to our short code to win an iPod Touch. At the end of the show, a winner was randomly picked and a text message alerting them to pick up the iPod Touch was sent. ListeNation can now text or call to this list for our marketing purposes.

What is a text-to-subscribe campaign?

A text-to-subscribe campaign is much like a text-to-win campaign but instead of a prize or reward, more information is being offered. A lead is inclined to text to your key word to sign up for a list, newsletter, and more information about a product or an event. Text to subscribe also yields a double opt-in list to market to. 

What is an outgoing text campaign?

An outgoing text campaign is a message that you send to an existing database or leads generated by a text-to-win/subscribe campaign. These campaigns can be informational or sales based.

If I send you my database, do I need to double opt-in?

No. If you already have opt-in language on your website or a form that includes permission to text your lead’s cell phone, you do not need to send an opt-in message. However, ListeNation suggests that you send an opt-in message and receive double opt-in status for all leads out of an abundance of caution. 

What information must I supply ListeNation?

If you are sending your own list for an outgoing ListeNation text campaign we need the cell phone number and the cell carrier/provider that corresponds with that number. We suggest you request this information when you are gathering leads. ListeNation can append the carrier information if you have not collected it, at an additional charge.

How much does it cost if I do not have carrier information?

ListeNation charges .05¢ per lead to append carrier information to your list. We will supply you with this information after it is appended to your database. This is a third party cost and is not included in set-up or campaign fees. 

Are my leads secure?

ListeNation prides itself on its security practices. At no time will any one other than a ListeNation employee have access to your leads or database. ListeNation has 10 years of experience in the Trade Show and Events Industry and takes great pride in its reputation for database security protocol.

How often can I text my Leads?

You can text your text-to-win leads up to 5 times in a month. You can text your internal database as often as you’d like. However, ListeNation encourages its clients to limit the use of texting to important information distribution. Over use will result in leads opting out and an overall loss of effectiveness.

How else can I contact my Leads?

Since your leads will be in the form of phone numbers only. You can use outbound text campaigns, ListeNation’s Voicemail Marketing Service or have staff contact via phone. sign up form

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