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Our core product, the ListeNation Call is a familiar voice delivering relevant and timely information to a precise target with minimum production time. The goal of a ListeNation Call is specific to each client. We believe the human voice is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal and have changed the way show managers and event planners are communicating.

ListeNation’s technology is 100% green and enables our clients to reach over a million individuals in a single day. Even at this incredible volume, ListeNation’s technology employs the latest hardware advances and uses proprietary algorithms to maximize the effectiveness and the success of every call.

Every ListeNation Call is delivered to your recipient with perfect digital quality. We do not use lesser quality VOIP, instead we use fiber optics for the best quality.  Every effort is made to ensure that the recipient is completely unaware that you haven’t taken the time to reach them personally.

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ListeNation Call FAQ

How long does it take to put a campaign together?

Once we have all the materials necessary, a ListeNation Call can be implemented in as little time as twenty-four hours if needed. Our goal is to provide you with all the expertise our company has to offer. To accomplish this goal, we establish a process timeline which allows for ample time to set up your campaign. This averages out to roughly 5 to 7 working days. 

Can your company provide me with the data I need?

No, ListeNation does not provide data. ListeNation feels it is a conflict of interest to provide the data for our clients. We do have several providers and partners we would be happy to refer you to. 

Do I have to subscribe to the Do Not Call List?

ListeNation does not engage in any campaigns that require subscribing to do not call lists. Opt in databases, calls to established clients and business to business (B2B) marketers do not have to obtain these lists and are exempt from federal telemarketing rules. 

Is this type of marketing legal?

ListeNation will not engage with any client or call campaign that is not 100% legal.

B2C (Past and Current Customers): The Federal and State laws have several guidelines which need to be examined when dialing to your existing client base. For the most part, this is legal within a certain window of time since the last business was completed or application was placed.

B2C (opt-in): These calls, in most states, are not regulated to the same extent as a cold call. If you have permission from your customer to market to them, the government will not regulate these calls.
B2B: Though there are many regulations in the public sector the government has never hinted at regulating business to business marketing. Being able to pick up the phone and call a potential client is the backbone of American enterprise and the government has yet to feel the need to regulate the methods businesses use.
ListeNation will not engage in any illegal activities. We recommend contacting your own attorney before taking on any new marketing avenue. There are laws that apply to your specific industry and sphere of influence; and only your own counsel will be able to advise you on these matters.
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Do I need any special equipment to record my message?

The recording process is as simple as recording your voice mail at home. Once you have decided to move forward with your campaign, our friendly staff will email you the instructions. The process is as simple as picking up your phone, dialing a phone number and recording at the beep.
ListeNation will also accept any digital voice format if you choose to record at a studio or by any other means.

Do I have to write my own script?

No. ListeNation is a full service provider. We will be with you every step of the process. Whether you prefer to email us a completed copy of a script of your own design or choose to have us write the script from the collateral marketing material you provide us, your satisfaction with the scripting process is guaranteed. We are dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with your script before we even begin talking about the recording process. We will not dial it until you are thrilled with it. 

What happens when someone picks up the phone?

ListeNation provides several different options for live answer solutions. Our friendly staff will converse with you and decide the best course of action to deal with this option.

What do you do if my phone numbers have extensions?

ListeNation has several proprietary methods for dealing with phone extensions. Since we feel the way we handle this opportunity is very unique, we will not post this information on the internet. Once we begin executing a campaign with you, our Customer Service will walk you through the process. ListeNation has been executing business to business campaigns for several years with great success. This success begins with being able to reach the person you intend. 

What time of day will my calls go out?

ListeNation can execute calls at any time of day 24/7/365. However, our customer service staff will interview you regarding your customers and based on the information you provide, will recommend the best time to reach your list.

What does this service cost?

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