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Lead Follow-Up

The ListeNation Lead Follow-Up is the solution to the tradeshow/convention industry’s most crippling shortcoming; the marketing-to-sales disconnect.

Created to aid an exhibitor’s post-show activities, the Pre-Recorded Follow-Up System (PFS) is a series of ListeNation Calls, sent at appropriate intervals to the on-site generated event leads.

Recorded by the on-site booth staff, the lead receives a call from a friendly and familiar contact shortly after returning from the show:  Thus, keeping the tradeshow sales cycle open.  ListeNation’s PFS guarantees every valuable lead will be contacted.

Here are samples of the Three Calls that make up ListeNation’s Lead Follow-Up program.

Lead Follow-Up Message 1

Thanks attendees for taking time to visit the booth and starts the post show communication.

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Lead Follow-Up Message 2

A quick reminder to a lead referring to the initial contact from the show and following up on materials sent.

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Lead Follow-Up Message 3

Third and final attempt to connect with a lead who has not yet responded to any of the previous calls.

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To Download a One-Page Description of ListeNation’s Lead Follow-Up Program, Click Here.

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Lead Follow-Up FAQ

What is a ListeNation Lead Follow-Up Call?

The ListeNation Lead Follower is a series of Three of ListeNation calls, sent at appropriate intervals to an exhibitor’s trade show or event generated leads. The ListeNation Lead Follow-Up guarantees every exhibitor lead will be followed up.

Why would I need to use ListeNation Lead Follow-Up service?

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) 80% of Event Marketing leads are wasted; it is the industry’s most crippling statistic.  A PFS campaign will ensure every lead generated from your event is contacted.

What are the steps to a ListeNation Lead Follow-Up call campaign?

  • Prior to the event, an exhibitor’s sales representatives record a series of three messages.
  • Exhibitor’s booth staff uploads the daily event leads, after the show floor closes.
  • Message #1 is delivered the same evening the lead visits the booth.
  • Sales team answers incoming calls and updates lead list.
  • Message #2 is delivered one week after event concludes to non-respondent leads.
  • Sales team answers incoming calls and updates lead list a second time.
  • Message #3, the final message is delivered seven days after call #2 to all remaining non-respondent leads.
  • Delivery of detailed report for all attempts including those which were not reached.

Does this really work?

Yes it does.  Call us today and see why ListeNation won Trade Show Executive’s 2008 Innovation Award for the Lead Follow-Up system.

Who will this program benefit?

Show Managers

Imagine promising your most valuable exhibitors that every dollar they spend at your show will be fully leveraged and that every lead they harvest will be touched. If you could promise that, every dollar spent at this years show will be more potent then ever. ListeNation’s PFS call will revolutionize your relationship with your key exhibitors by giving you control of the final sales process.


Boost the morale of your sales team by delivering incoming hot leads. No longer will your sales team dial through endless lists of event leads with limited success. PFS will eliminate wasted efforts; hand dialing leads that are not in the office, with leads that are not receptive at the time of the call and with leads who were not truly interested.

Exhibitor Coaches

Motivate your team like never before, by offering the total package. Before the PFS call, your sphere of influence ends on the show floor. With the PFS call you can create a unified vision from first meet to meeting date. Now you can deliver to your client the results they demand instead of a desk drawer full of un-reached leads.

What is the content of the three messages?

Message #1

Each individual sales representative records an informal message introducing themselves to the lead, sharing their contact information, thanking the lead for stopping by the booth and requesting a conversation to continue the information process. This call is delivered on the day first contact is made, ensuring a sense of urgency and a commitment to excellent customer service to that lead.

Message #2

The sales representatives records a message reaching out a second time to the non- responding leads. This message should reference a website, email or direct mail piece that the lead should be looking for. The lead should be directed to contact the sales representative if they need any further information or have questions after reviewing the information sent.

Message #3

The final message sent to non-responding leads. This message should convey the sales representative desire to at least speak to the lead to understand if the product is a fit or not. They will inform the lead that this is their last attempt to contact them via phone but they will be available for the lead at any time if they desire more information. sign up form

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