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Innovative Marketing for Accountants: ClientWhys

ListeNation recently completed a project for ClientWhys, a provider of Marketing, Online Tools and Education for Tax and Accounting Professionals.

ClientWhys has achieved outstanding results using ListeNation calls to remind clients about product offerings, renewals and educational programs.

Long-time ListeNation client and ClientWhys CEO Lee Reams II, said the following about his experience working with the ListeNation team:

“ClientWhys provides Websites and Marketing for Accountants to clients nationwide. We have been using ListeNation for several years now.

As a small business, ClientWhys has a limited staff and marketing budget. We try to optimize technology that enables us to communicate with our clients efficiently and effectively. We use the ListeNation platform to remind clients about discount deadlines and renewal dates. We target smaller groups with friendly automated messages that provide us with tremendous response rates. We use larger lists to complement an online or print campaign. The ListeNation system effectively replaces hours and hours of calling the old way, one by one.

ClientWhys calling efforts range in size from the hundreds to the thousands. We prefer the callback option the next day for unsuccessful voice messages. This strategy has optimized results. ClientWhys also tries to make the calls sound very personal and not at all scripted. “

Thank you very much for your support Lee.  We wish you continued success.

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